Fédération Tahitienne de Kayak

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Ari'i Hoe no Papeete 9th Edition PDF Imprimer Envoyer

Name of the race : ARII HOE NO PAPEETE  9ème edition - KING HOE(paddle) of PAPEETE

 Date : Saturday March 03rd, 2012
Course : 17Ks as shown on the googlemap
                        -         Start : MAHINA, Hitimahana Beach
-         Finish : PAPEETE, To’ata Garden
 Target :
 -         PAPEETE VA’A KAYAK dedicace this  9th Edition to :
  • all those who have made va’a what it is today, a wonderfull sport raced in so many countries on all 5 continents.
  • Mr. Michel Buillard, Deputy Mayor of Papeete and all his City Council for Their unwavering support avec 10 years 
  • All our Tahiti Nui paddlers who brought back 100% gold medal from Pacific Games in New Caledonia last august.
  • And more particulary to a club member, a great friend, a great Kayakers and Va’a paddler, a great Father for his Wife Vahi and family, Moana VOTA who passed away last year..
-         ARII VA’A HOE NO PAPEETE (V1/K1) is a race wich gathered on the Ocean 280 paddlers(last year). This year we’re planing over 300 in 10 events, V1 : Open Men and Women, master Men, U20 and U17 boys. In K1, men division in :expert, beginners and Junior. Of course this is with the condition of at least 10 participants per events.4 years ago Va'a Kayak was the first to host the first ever organized SUP race. Papeete Va'a Kayak is proud to annouce that SUP open Men and Women are back again in our race.

 -         ARII VA’A HOE NO PAPEETE (V1/K1) have also the goal to promote a promising discipline for Maohi, the KAYAK, which    have the chance to have great kayakers like, the very famous and international world champion Lewin laughlin and Léopold Tepa our 2011 Polynesian Champion.  
Entries :
                        -         FaceBook : Papeete Va’a
-         Angie (689 227.788) – Charles(689 77.76.20) – COPF (fautaua FTK office)
-         Open (K1/V1/SUP) : 2.000Fcp – Juniors(K1/V1) : 1.000Fcp
Program :
                        -         10h00 : Control and last entries on race site (Hitimahana Beach - Mahina)
-         12h30 : Blessing
-         12h30 : end of entries
-         12h45 :Start for V1 Women and U17
-         13h50 : Start for K1
-         13h00 : Start for V1 Men and U19 Boys
-         14h30 : estimed finis for 1ers paddlers
-         15h00 : results and award ceremony
-         16h00 : END of the Event
Medias :
                        -         TV (TnTv - Polynésie 1ère)
-         News paper (La Dépêche - Les Nouvelles)
-         Radio (Polynésie 1ère - Radio Tefana)
-         Facebook (Papeete Va’a)
-          Tahitian kayak Federation (FTK) http://www.federation-kayak-tahiti.com/


www.puhua.net www.darongshu.cn www.fullwa.com www.poptunnel.com